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In Memory of the Founder of Harambee Dallas, the oldest Cultural Festival in America



Thalia "Fairy Street Mama"


Carried the torch of spiritual and religious expression for the African American Culture



Chief Ifayomi Karioki

Arthur Riggins

Continued to instill the African and Oyotunji culture  the next generation in order to Progress and  Educate for Harambee Dallas.





In Memory of a Founder of Harambee Dallas, the oldest Cultural Festival in America





In Memory of a Dallas City

Council Member who carried the torch for the attendees of the Harambee Dallas Festival.

Elder Charles Hillman.JPG



In Memory of a Founder of Harambee Dallas, the oldest Cultural Festival in America


Why the name Harambee?


Harambee is an East African Swahili word meaning “Let’s Pull Together” or Unity. 


How does the Harambee Festival contribute to the diversity of Dallas/Ft. Worth? 


Harambee is the oldest and largest African American cultural event in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, with over 15,000 in attendance.



The festival is a community-based educational and cultural event that was created in the early 1970’s, by the founding members of  the Harambee Festival Steering Committee, a group of community minded citizens who gathered at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center to form an alternative celebration to Halloween. Their objective was to organize a celebration that would provide a positive, cultural experience for children, youth and adults. 


Who are the founding members of Harambee Festival?

  • Arthello Beck

  • Marilyn Clark

  • Loyd Gite

  • Leo Hassan

  • Charles Hillman

  • Al Lipscomb

  • Jo Long

  • Billy Murkledove

  • Donald Payton

  • Chief Ifayomi "Karioki" Arthur Riggins

  • Al Simmons

  • Juanita Simmons

  • Bill Stoner 

These are the founding members of the Harambee Festival Steering Committee created in the early 1970's.


How does the Harambee Festival encourage collaboration between multiple areas of society from the youth participants to The City of Dallas?


The Harambee Festival will continue with the time-honored community announcements, senior care information and our always and most important free treat bags for the kids.


A special thanks goes to The City of Dallas, The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District and all of our loyal sponsors. The festival gives an educational and cultural event that provides an atmosphere of celebration. With the support of KKDA, KGGR, KHVN, KRNB, KNON and their affiliates, the festival provides a wonderful showcase of diverse musical entertainment.  Supplying day long activities.


Including the Frances Burns Heritage March, art and craft exhibits, ethnic foods, a variety of vendors and social activities.  In association with CCSOC, (The Citizens’ Committee to Save Our Children), The Arthello Beck, Jr. Watoto Village provide each child with a free treat bag full of healthy snacks and goodies.  The area offers fun and interactive games along with safety information for the children.  The medical facility will host a Health Fair servicing hundreds of members of the community free of charge. 


Original Location

Our Harambee Steering Committee encourages the community to log on from home and enjoy our Virtual Festival at  

We are asking all organizations, to help support the movement.  Any source of sponsorship is welcomed.  Be it your time as a volunteer to actual financial donations. In addition to items for the treat bags for the kids.


Come support the longest running festival in DFW during the last Saturday in October.

Come support the longest running festival in DFW





2021 Theme:



Last Saturday in October

10 am to 3 pm

The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center

2922 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Dallas, TX 75215

Our Children Matter

“Help Keep Harambee Alive”

We are looking for volunteers as well as community          partners, vendors, sponsors, and performers.  Donations of cash, products, and services are welcomed anytime of the year.


  • Frank Breedlove

  • Beverly Mitchell Brooks

  • Paul Cooper

  • Ruby Fulsom

  • Lonzie Green

  • Dr. Keith A. Hampden

  • Christopher (aka Stroker) Hill

  • Frances Willetta Hill-Burns

  • Thalia “Fairy Street Momma” Mason

  • Akwete Tyehimba /Pan African Connection

  • African Bandits 

  • Clarence Glover

This group have served 20 or more years on Steering Committees.

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