Domestic Nonprofit Corporation

In Care of Name            Willie Minor

Subsection                      Charitable Organization

Deductibility                  Contributions are deductible

Organization                  Corporation

Established Date:          1981


Perpetual:                       Yes


Foundation                     Organization that normally receives no more than one third of its support from gross investment income and unrelated business income and at the same time more than one third of its support from contributions, fees, and gross receipts related to exempt purposes


WHO WE ARE: The CCSOC was formed in response to the Atlanta child slaying in 1981. A non-profit organization, the CCSOC is committed to the purpose of saving the youth of the community. It works to prevent any occurrence of violence that would jeopardize the safety of a child due to causes inherent in community living. 

CCSOC can change the world. In today’s society CCSOC offers countless opportunities for adolescents and young adults. For instance, teenage pregnancy is always a main concern in the urban community.


“The United States continues to have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and birth among developed countries.” (Minnick, 2011)

Not only is under age sex an issue, you should include gang violence and suicide as well.  According to the 2012 U.S. Census an average of 20% of current High school students are expected to graduate (Census, 2012)  

CCSOC solution is to open the minds of our impressionable youth and illustrate to them the positive alternative avenues to express themselves.  Teach them self-esteem self-confidence, self-control, self-reliance along with a talent and a trade. There is a need for positive reinforcements and positive role models. 

As of 2017 CCSOC has reached out and gained support from many established institutions in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  We have obtained a following in the neighborhood of over ten thousand volunteers, sponsors and fans. Social media numbers are climbing and are adding new followers’ every day. CCSOC can reach one million dollars after five additional years of positive productivity.  The future milestones CCSOC sets to accomplish are basic yet promising.  We plan to employ over twenty people for different projects and productions. We also plan to recruit over one hundred students into to the Scholarship and Mentorship program by 2019.

The organization seeks to reach out to those children in the community who will not benefit from traditional agency offerings. Acting as an umbrella agency, the CCSOC works with all groups dedicated to the welfare of young people. We are extremely proud of our track record; we have provided formula for hungry babies, Easter baskets and safe Halloween activities at the Harambee Festival. We made holidays for kids for whom the occasion might just have been another day. We sponsor classes and seminars in such areas as cultural awareness, the arts and safety in the home. Perhaps we influenced a future doctor or nurse or fireman through our Annual Career Day.


The CCSOC has recently partnered with the Dallas Independent School District to present the Annual Irma P. Hall Theater Arts Festival, a Center Stage Competition for all DISD high school drama teams. The Sankofa Players, an independent acting group for teenagers sponsored by The African American Museum in Dallas’ Fair Park community and Desoto, Texas’ African American Repertory Theater (AART), where Mr. Minor directs professional local talent in  live stage productions.  Another long time sponsor is The Artist and Elaine Thornton Foundation for the Arts, who provide assistance with production and publicity for in house projects. 



We sponsor the children’s area with fun houses, arts and crafts, games, free healthy snacks plus gift bags for all children under the age of 18. This is a day filled with interactive educational projects as well as entertaining events. There are Workshops, Seminars, Exhibitions, Inspirational Performances along with activities for both the young and old. 


Annual scholarship given to a graduating senior for college tuition.  Student must maintain an acceptable GPA. Present a consistent behavioral report, which can be confirmed through letters of recommendation. Plus submit the required scholastic material. 


 Educating the community and adolescents on the crisis of societal problems; such as drug abuse, suicide, cyberbullying,  teen pregnancy, even victims of natural disasters. 


Providing a qualifying network of Industry Specialists designed to match troubled youth needing an artistic way to channel frustrations. Mentor and student are eligible to earn community service hours.


 This provides resources for our youth as we educate them in the prevention of violence and crime.


Presentation by various individuals and agencies on the career opportunities available to today's youth.

ALCOHOL & SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION Drug and alcohol awareness programs WAR ON DRUGS

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