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   Our Togetherness Campaign  

We are each others Harvest;  We are each other's business;    We are each other's magnitude and bond;

   Gwendolyn Brooks   


Building Legacies
for our Togetherness and Safety

47 years.  2000 vendors.  100,000 treat bags.  400 speeches.   817 Entertainers.  20,000 food baskets. The Dallas Harambee Festival is the oldest and largest African American cultural event in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and for many years has had over 15,000 in attendance.  The 47th Harambee festival is a community-based, educational, and cultural event  hosted on October, 30 2021 ...

Showcasing Technologies
for our Safety and Togetherness

7 technologies that impact our culture and the most lucrative careers for our kids.  Drones. Touch screens. Augmented reality.  Virtual reality.  3-D printing.  Wearables.  Digital Scrapbooks.

The Harambee Interactive Expo (IE) will be hosted during April, 2022 ...


Organizing Socials 
for our Safety and Togetherness

CCSOC, inc., the non-profit parent company of Harambee Dallas, has established social connections with over 200 organizations and programs ranging from social programs, social networks, social campaigns, political offices, cultural centers, schools, and museums over the last 47 years.  Connecting to these ... 

   Our Unity Campaign  

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

   Martin Luther King, Jr.   

 Unity in the Community 
Featured Event #636: 
47th Harambee Festival

Harambee Festival Graphic.jpg

Unity in the Community
Featured Raffle #301: 
C. Ray MLK Painting


- There is no limit to the number of
entries per person
- The more you give, the higher your chance of winning this beautiful art piece!
- The donation period for the raffle will run from September 12th to December 3, 2021.


HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN YOUR Very Own Certified MLK painting by the One and Only C. Ray!

All funds raised will directly support our community programs and engagement of our children.

   Our Safety Campaign  

I used to feel unsafe right in the middle of accomplishment - I felt the ground fall right from under my feet because this could be the end.  And even now, when everyone is celebrating, I'm on to the next thing.  I do not want to get lost ...


Our Synopsis:  Even during our greatest accomplishments, many young people of color strive ever more fervently toward a place of safety.  Harambee Dallas seeks to create those places of safety for our young people and their families.

Some 1974 Founders and Elders of Harambee Dallas


The Harambee Festival, the longest running festival of its kind – a unity festival, was born out of the need to create a safe space for youth.   It is supported primarily by CCSOC, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit.  In the early 1970’s the Harambee Festival gathered ...



The Harambee Festival, offers over 10,000 volunteer opportunities for youth and adults.  Additionally in partnership with Citizens Committee to Save Our Children Inc., (CCSOC) a 501c3 non-profit, to provide formula for over 20,000 of hungry babies, over 5,000 Easter baskets,  ...



The Harambee Festival is a huge supporter of providing training opportunities and educational exposure to our youth.  A solution is to open the minds of our impressionable youth and illustrate to them the positive alternative avenues to express themselves ...


Watoto Village

We sponsor the children’s area with 2-D and 3-D imagery and videos of fun houses, arts and crafts, games, free treat bags for all children under the age of 18. This is a day filled with optionally physical and/or interactive educational projects as well as entertaining events ...



A goal of Harambee Festival is to create a virtual 365/24/7 marketplace to expand the relationship between specialty vendors and attendees.  Due to COVID-19 safety requirements, the 15,000 in-person festival goers are asked to do 2 things ...




Arthello Beck, Marilyn Clark, Lloyd Gite, Leo Hassan,  Charles Hillman, Al Lipscomb, Jo Long, Billy Murkledove, Donald Payton, Chief Ifayomi "Karioki" Arthur Riggins, Al Simmons, Juanita Simmons, and Bill Stoner are ...

Harambee Kids Climbing the Pyramid

Harambee Kids Climbing the Pyramid

Harambee Kids recognize their Culture

Harambee Kids recognize their Culture

Kids on Court during Festival

Kids on Court during Festival

Mother in Watoto Village

Mother in Watoto Village

Harambee Kids playing on Court

Harambee Kids playing on Court

Harambee Kids Volunteering

Harambee Kids Volunteering

Harambee Bull Riding

Harambee Bull Riding

Harambee Kids Acting on Stage

Harambee Kids Acting on Stage

Harambee Kids Jumping to be Fit

Harambee Kids Jumping to be Fit

   Our Sponsorship Campaign  

We've got to keep our Harambee tradition alive while providing a safe, fun, and educational alternative to Halloween Treat or Treating ...

  Billy Murkledove  

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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