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The Harambee Festival in entering the metaverse! Harambeeverse is a cultural community festival incorporating entertainment, NFT's, community resources and creativity in the virtual social world of Spatial. The Harambeeverse is the perfect place for our community to ​come together in unity to connect, socialize, purchase artwork, and more.


The Harambeeverse is the first event of its kind. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of vendors and community resources that they normally would not have access to. Attendees will also have access to exclusive offers, participate in giveaways, games, Harambee Festival merch, collectibles and more.

Join us on October 29, and create your personal avatar and jump into an experience like no other.

Increase visibility to your brand by becoming a Harambeeverse vendor or sponsor

  • Want a customized 3D virtual tent of your liking? By becoming a Harambeeverse vendor or sponsor you will receive a branded 3D tent in the Harambeeverse.

  • You will be able to decorate your space with logos or graphics.

  • Encourage our guest to interact with your 3D tent by creating a link to your website or desired destination. 

  • Promote your event current video ad on one of our available Jumbotron's. 

  • Company logo displayed on the Harambeeverse main stage.