Sponsorship Contacts: 

ElTonya Hill

elbminor@gmail.com or 214-710-5407

Bobbie Murkledove 

buttafly1948@gmail.com or 214-533-2054

Vendor Contact:

Eva Miles (Anna's House)

214-650-7065 or FMediaEvents@gmail.com

Volunteers Contact:

Danette Ausborne 

972-374-6830 or danettedausborne@yahoo.com



Arthello Beck Jr. Watoto Village

Youth Contact:


Ella Wilson

972-684-3321  or MelloElla@Yahoo.com 


Entertainment Contact:

 Kaye O.  


For Press and Media Contact:

Tonya Hill

elbminor@gmail.com or 214-710-5407

Technology Committee Contact:

Renata Cathey

support@RATScoworking.com or 1-833-234-7233

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